You’ve decided you are in business. Now what? What needs to be done to put the financial side of your business in order so you can truly focus on your business? From letting the IRS know your business exists (they would find out anyway) to figuring out what to do with your Starbucks receipt from yesterday, our 30-Day Guide to Get Control of your Business Finances will help show you the way.

There are five sets of tasks that every business owner should address as soon as possible”“ entity selection, smart bank accounts, simple bookkeeping software, paperless filing system and government reporting. I give you step-by-step instructions and a handy checklist, to make sure you hit every point. If you power through one set of tasks each week, your business finances will be set up and running smoothly within 30 days.

The goal here is to hit ALL of these over the next 30 days. There is no higher authority requiring you to do them within 30 days. Rather, it’s a commitment you make to yourself as a very responsible (or soon to be responsible) business owner. Those who choose to tackle these nitty gritty financial tasks up front get it done, but those without a clear deadline meander along until they’ve created a financial mess of their businesses. Let’s choose not to do that, okay?

As you read through the checklist, you might identify some tasks you already know you’ll want outside help to accomplish. Go ahead and schedule the appointments (like talking with an attorney), so you don’t end up stuck waiting for a meeting. No matter what happens just don’t be overwhelmed. These items can be accomplished within 30 days. Trust me, you will be downright giddy with yourself for taking care of them from the start. Get to it!

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