Remember the old days when the only accounting software choice for small businesses was Quickbooks? With the recent surge of web based software, the choices are abundant. As a CPA, I admit that I can be picky and hard to please when it comes to financial software. Xero has continued to impress me and is at the top of my list of software I recommend.

Here’s my list of 5 reasons to love Xero Online Accounting Software.

1 – Bank, credit card and paypal feeds. If you’re in business, the majority of your bookkeeping revolves around recording money you spent and received. Sure, there are other things that need to be accounted for that do not affect cash, but at the end of the day cash transactions are what drives your business.  This is why Xero is so awesome. Their automatic bank feeds pull in all of your account transactions so you are always up to date on what has cleared your account. No waiting until the end of the month to reconcile your bank account. Reconciliation happens daily for serious control of your cash flow.

2 – Xero is smart. What makes it so smart? As you begin to reconcile transactions, it remembers where you have coded transactions for fuel, hosting fees, meals, etc. Xero will automatically suggest an entry to be created based on your past activity. This means you can spend less time getting to the bottom line of your business and more time improving it.

3 – Mobile. Everything is going mobile these days. And, Xero is already there. No matter your device – iphone, android or windows phone – there’s an app for that! You can check your accounts, create invoices and enter expenses while you are on the go. Xero goes with you everywhere.

4 – Add-ons. They are almost as numerous as the sands on the seashore. Amazing add-ons like Freshbooks for invoicing, Vend for point of sale, and Shopify for ecommerce. Whatever your niche or need, there is a very good chance that an addon solution exists that integrates with Xero. Check out the current add-ons here.

5 – Let’s just get vain for a minute. The software is pretty! No throw back to the ugly days of DOS based programs. Clean, simple styling makes Xero quite a catch indeed. To quote a dear customer of mine, “If I’m going to have to stare at it, it might as well look nice!” Yes, appearance does count.

Excited yet? Contact us and let us help you fall in love with Xero today! Ask about our year end special to find out how you can get 6 months of Xero for FREE.