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Weird. We know. A CPA firm where we focus on relationships as much as numbers. Heck, we even occasionally eat spicy food!

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Erin Johnstone has forever changed my relationship with money.

My father was a CPA but I never liked accounting (and I still don’t really), but thanks to Erin, I no longer fear or dread working on the numbers in my business.

It is easy to throw out catchphrases or buzzwords, but I can honestly say that Erin changed my life and has helped me turn my business from hoping for profit to a company that has profit. Plus, I have money set aside to pay my taxes. I no longer scramble at the end of the year looking for funds.

If you have a chance to work with her and/or take her Start Smart training, do not hesitate! If you commit to making thoughtful changes in your methods, you’ll never look back and Erin is just the person to help you get there!

Mitch A.

You have been fantastic and professional on all levels throughout this process and I really appreciate that. Kevin K.

Kevin K.

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Thinking about starting a business but not sure where to start? This can be exhilarating and scary. Let us show you the way! It is important to get started the right way, right from the beginning.

Outsourced Accounting Services

Most small businesses do not have the resources to hire a full time bookkeeper let along an experienced accountant or CFO. It is not easy letting go of the finances, but it just might help you take your business to the next level. We would love to help get you there.


Yes, we also do taxes. More importantly, we do tax planning. We know you don’t like ’em so we make sure you pay the least amount of tax allowable. Ask us about our Tree Free Tax Prep Services!


Seems so generic to just offer to help. Did we mention that we are friendly? How can we help?