Erin Johnstone, CPASome accountants hide behind the numbers because they would rather not talk to you. Not at Vivid Numbers. We play hide and seek with our kiddos, not our customers. We are here to serve you!

I believe in the The NEW American Dream: Collecting experiences, not things. I know I can better serve my customers if I have work/life integration and owning Vivid Numbers allows this (well, my awesome husband plays a big part, too!). I desire to improve the quality of life for my customers. Does that seem odd since I’m an accountant? We continually strive to deliver an amazing customer experience. Who is an ideal customer at Vivid Numbers? We are eager to work with customers who are passionate about their businesses and can embrace change.

There is a well known saying that I’m sure you have heard before: “Time is money.” At Vivid Numbers, we do not trade hours for money.  We believe that money is exchanged for value. We partner with our customers so that our prices are based on the value you receive. You happily pay and we happily receive. Wow! Free commerce still gets me a little choked up. Long live the entrepreneur!

So, how can we help you? Reach out and let us know! Contact us here.

Erin Johnstone, CPA

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Oklahoma Accountancy Board Permit #907156

“Each of you should look no only to your own interests but also to the interests of others.” Philippians 2:4